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Brief Introduction to Sanfeng Martial Arts School



      Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism offer a distillation of Chinese culture, among which Taoism is remarkably distinguished as the root of Chinese culture, of which Wudang Clan, established by Master Zhang Sanfeng in the Yuan Dynasty, is the most profound and sophisticated.

      Wudang Kung Fu promotes neutralization, gives prominence to the thought of yin and yang in tai chi, integrates the inter-restriction of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), displays the wonderful variation of the Eight Trigrams and thus achieves the ideology "man and nature are integrated."

      With concern from governments and all walks of life, Sanfeng Martial Arts School has carried on the principles set by Master You Xuande, the fourteenth Ekee of Wudang, of carrying forward the essence of Chinese martial arts, promulgating oriental civilization, and taking Taoism as its guideline, health promotion as its tenet, fighting method as its final concern, morality as its common practice, and nature as its verve. The school consists of the fifteenth and the sixteenth disciples of Wudang Clan such as Yuan Limin, Zhu Liming, Tian Lifang. Since its establishment, it has cultivated numerous Wudang elite disciples, who have been invited to a number of countries to lecture, perform and exchange on martial arts and have won various awards and honors.

      Our school mainly teaches orthodox Wudang Kung Fu and Taoist exclusive kung fu for health promotion, including tai chi chuan (traditional Chinese taiji boxing), Baguazhang (the Eight Trigram Palm), Wudang Sword, Wuxing (the five elements) kung fu, etc, and our individualized teaching has won great popularity among students from home and abroad.

      Situated in the heart of Wudang scenic area Baxian Guan (Temple of the Eight Immortals) the only practice place to look on the major temples of Wudang, Sanfeng Martial Arts School offers you an ideal place to practice kung fu, where you will feel integrated with nature, which makes you achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

      Wudang disciples are now making every effort to achieve the lofty goal set by their patriarch---

      Promote people's health

      Promulgate Wudang culture

      Profit all mankind!


Sanfeng Martial Arts School

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