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Xingyi Quan

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      Xingyi quan (form will boxing) is the most explosive expression of internal power in Wudang Kung Fu. Foundation training consists of learning the five kinds of strike: splitting, crushing, drilling, pounding and crossing strike, which later on develop into 12 animal forms. The movements are simple, but not easy, and focus on the production of power by use of correct posture (form) and intention (will). This simplicity means progress can be seen faster in xingyi than in the other arts, and it is traditionally the final step in basic empty hand skills before progressing onto weapons.

     Health benefits

      Each of the five strikes in xingyi quan correlates to the five elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) which in turn correlate to the five major organs (lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen). Training the five strikes strengthens the five organs, and also helps regulate the relationships between the organs.

      Martial benefits

      As a standalone art, xingyi quan is the quickest method of training in self-defence. Traditionally, xingyi takes the waist-turning skills of taiji, the precise footwork and speed of bagua and teaches students fist technique, and how to use their power in short explosive bursts (fa jing). These explosions are initiated by intention, which is paramount in xingyi. By making mind, body and spirit work together in harmony in simple movement, so the potential of intention is developed and expressed.

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