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Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)

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      Taiji quan (supreme ultimate fist) is meditation in motion. Its slow movements beget a graceful practice that eases body and mind, and disguises the deadly effectiveness of its applications for combat. The many health benefits of taiji and the relaxing effects of its practice lead many in the West to think that good health is its sole purpose. However, do not be fooled, after a solid background of basic skills training, taiji is traditionally the first step on the path to becoming a Wudang Warrior.

     Health benefits

      Overall health benefits include regulation of the body and a calming of the mind; taiji practice balances yin and yang to restore the body to a naturally harmonious balance. Wudang Taiji Quan is traditionally practiced low and slow and therefore greatly improves balance and strengthens the legs. However the journey towards low practice is long; repeated practice of basic skills provides a gentle path for the untrained body to strengthen, become more flexible, and for joints to open; thus taiji is an excellent method for feeling the first sensations of qi.

      Martial benefits

      Taiji teaches you how to be soft and the martial advantage that lies in softness. Training shows the student how to use the entire power of the body by moving from his or her centre. This training starts by turning the waist and using the back, and at the more advanced levels directs qi from the bodys power centre (known as dantian) using intention; so the practice of taiji also sharpens the will.

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