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Other Empty Hand Arts

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      Less well known but equally effective empty hand arts include:

  • Taiyi Mian Zhang (silken palm) takes yin and yang, and instead of combining the two in every movement, it separates them so there are yin (slow) and yang (fast) sections of the form.

  • Taiyi Xiao Yao Zhang (carefree palm) is a flowing form that specialises in the art of attacking points and meridians.

  • Taiyi Wu Xing Quan (five element boxing) with its neatly controlled, tight turns helps concentrate internal energy as well as being excellent for self defence.

  • Zhao Bao Taiji Quan is a large frame taiji form that is excellent at opening hips and shoulders.

  • Xiao Jia Taiji Quan is a small frame form so low that it is traditionally trained under a table and is excellent at building leg strength.
  • The Wudang Fist 18-Step form is a combination of taiji, bagua and xingyi.

  • Wu Xing Ba Fa (five animals eight techniques) is a vigorous form that is used to teach younger students footwork techniques and coordination.
Tai Ji Quan
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